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    Company Name
    Booth Number: 13.2C01
    address 399 Binsheng Road, Taizhou Bay New District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
    Product Type
    Home Furniture
    Company Introduction
    Senchuan is committed to the original minimalist furniture design, development and production of the forerunner, after years of development precipitation, integration of Chinese and Western design elements and production technology, product image interpretation of the new minimalist life definition. Products include tables and chairs, sofas, cabinets and other furniture accessories, due to Senchuan's unique design language, no matter how the combination of these furniture, can always describe a natural, comfortable, minimalist style of life. Thanks to the modern production technology and collaboration between traditional craftsmen, and unique in the field of polymer material research and development, as well as in the production process improvement, raw material selection and the detail processing of input, senchuan can perfect shape of stems from a designer's initial design concept and form of different high quality work.
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