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    Company Name
    Asiama (Dongguan) Furniture Co., Ltd
    Booth Number: 2.1C01
    address Industrial Rd 6, Chiling Area, Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong. China
    Product Type
    Home Furniture
    Company Introduction
    CAMPO DE' FIORI was founded in 2012, derived from the beautiful Piazza CAMPO DE' FIORI in Italy. Freedom, beauty, wisdom, art and fashion are synonymous with CAMPO DE' FIORI, as well as the brand spirit of 槺.CAMPO DE' FIORI, as a leading functional home furnishing brand in Europe and The United States, emphasizes people-oriented, centering on the three principles of "function", "sitting feeling" and "health", while skillfully combining "Italian original design" and "German technology", to provide consumers with a more comfortable and better home life and office environment.
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