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    2019/12/30 14:04:26
    CIFF Guangzhou: A benchmark flagship fair hosting top brands from home and abroad

    CIFF has been regarded as the ultimate IP in China's furniture industry.

    China, who has begun reform and opening up since forty years ago, has enjoyed a rapid growth in the economics and become both the largest consuming market and a giant manufacturing country and exporter in the furniture industry.

    According to the data from the General Administration of Customs, the export of furniture and accessories of China in November was 34.22 billion yuan. From January to November in 2019, the export was 332.71 billion yuan, which increased by 4.5% compared to the same period in the last year. In spite of confronting the US-China trading conflicts and increasing risks in the international market, the foreign trade of Chinese furniture industry remains overall steady and stably improving. The competitiveness of the products made in China is still highly approved all round the world.

    With years of development in the market, most of the companies have upgraded the capabilities of design, manufacture, and supply-chain integration. So if they want to seize more market shares against the fierce competition, it's significant for them to expand the marketing channels by the means of exhibiting in the industry fair.

    CIFF is regarded as the ultimate IP in China's furniture industry

    The 45th edition of China International Furniture Fair Guangzhou ("CIFF Guangzhou 2020") will last for 8 days in total: The first phase from 18 to 21 March for home furniture, homedecor, home textiles and outdoor leisure and the second phase from 28 to 31 March for office furniture, commercial furniture, hotel furniture, furniture machinery and raw materials. In 2020, it will spread out over 760,000 square meters and host over 4,300 exhibitors, attracting more than 300,000 professional visitors from over 200 countries and regions. With no doubt, CIFF Guangzhou 2020 is regarded as the ultimate trade platform to launch the latest products and carry out business communication in the global furniture industry.

    As a flagship fair with global perspectives and worldwide influences, CIFF has contributed to enhancing the level of internationalization. So what makes CIFF a strong international furniture fair? Let's have a look!


    International top brands gather with their new arrivals

    In 2020, CIFF Guangzhou will host an amount of leading overseas brands and several international pavilions, which will comprehensively improve both the structure and the quality of the exhibitors, promote the globalization and reinforce the competitiveness as a prior trade platform for new arrivals and business communication.

    Every year, thousands of people are attracted to the International Hall ( Hall 3.1 - 5.1 ) in home furniture section which is the highlight of the fair. Most of the renowned international brands, includingManwah, HTL, M&D, TA, KODA, Asiades, PREMIER and ACME, will present new trends through their latest and best collections, as well as the emerging brands such as Sharda, Intrading, Kappesberg, Merlino, Star and Diamond. Besides, Turkish pavilion and Malaysian pavilion will also join in to offer a spectacular overview of stylish designs.

    In Phase 2, CIFF Guangzhou 2020 for the office show will launch the International Brands Hall ( Hall 9.3 ) for the first time. In addition to those classic acquaintance like Merryfair and Guojing, international well-known office furniture brands will also gather in the first edition of International Future Office Exhibition which is designed to create a wonderland of Oi - Office imagination, to inspire people to deconstruct and consider the relationships between the ego and the space, the nature and the society, as well as the present and the future. Besides, marking its first presence, Turkish pavilion will join in to showcase the industrial fashion, along with other overseas office furniture force including Korean pavilion.

    Except for that, Homedecor & Hometextile will present the top brand line-up in consisting of Global Views, Studio-A Home, Leftbank Art, Emproium Home, Hanel & S Home, VC asia, A&B Home, Bungalow Belt, Newwicker and The Kings.

    In Outdoor & Leisure, there will be premium outdoor furniture brands showcasing the leading lifestyles, such as VONDON, Nardi, Talenti, Wapus, Weber Grill, Takasho Ever Art Wood, etc.

    The CIFM/interzum guangzhou will gather most of the manufacturers and international pavilions, includingJintian Haomai, Biesse, Weinig, Cefla and German and Italian pavilions, which will display the latest trends and the most advanced technology in the world.



    Chinese brands take the opportunity to explore the global market

    In the past few decades, while having attracted lots of international top brands exhibiting, CIFF has also guided an increasing amount of Chinese brands to reach out to the world confidently and gradually.

    During Phase 1, Classic Furniture Hall ( Hall 1.1 - 2.1 ) will gather a majority of furniture companies, including Art Furniture, Meidiqi, Fuxin, Milano, Baifuhao, Tingshi(Guosen), Macro, Xingmao, Yipu Ruisen, Ouevane, Aolida, Ligao, Fengge, Xinge, Armola, Yigao, Huameiju, who have accumulated ample experience of over twenty years in the market and possessed the competence to satisfy the domestic and overseas demands.

    In Modern Furniture Hall ( Hall 6.1 - 8.1 ), there will be brands like Yisheng, Jingzhuo, Danfoer, Zhongsheng, Gelin, Fenghua, etc. Not only in the craftsmanship and quality, but also in the original design do they enjoy the competitiveness.

    In Sofa Premium ( Hall 9.1 - 13.1 / 11.2 ), leading brands like KUKA, Landbond, Zuoyou, Violino, Fuli, ARIS, Zhida, UE, Henglin, Zhongyuan, Royal, Fuliyuan, Aimigao, Handson Sofa, Giormani, will present their latest collections covering various designs and categories, demonstrating the first-class standard in the upholstery sector.

    In Sleep Center ( Hall 9.2 - 10.2 ), the most prevailing manufacturers of bedroom furniture and mattress, includingSleemon, DeRucci, Mlily, Eon, Goodnight, Xibao, Aide, Sweet Secret, Quansi, Jinlongheng, Yishen, Quanli, will show the cutting-edge technology in the sleeping field and provide with the luxuriant sleeping culture.

    Modern Premium Hall ( Hall 12.2 - 13.2 ) will gather representative brands who pay attention to the originality and the quality, such as Xingwei, Senchuan, Hongbang, Adwin, Emeier, Dongjian, Wego, Shengji, Yashi, Jiandi, Yezhi, Xiyingmen, Lianfeng, Shidai, etc.

    Dining & Living Room Hall ( Hall 9.3 - 11.3 ) will showcase a wide range of living room furniture like Jiexi, Grand Modern Home, Chenxi, Huaya, GomIden, Baishi, Mading Youjia, Guangxin, Chongya, Jiayibao, Muda, Tianxingjian, Yongsheng, Youbang, Xingguang, some of whom specialize in the high-end market and operate a distributing network throughout the world.

    As the largest and the most all-rounded fair for the office furniture in China, Office Show, will propose a series of exhibiting themes such as system office, office seating, public furniture, office accessory, steel-made furniture, health-care furniture, hotel project and smart workspace. The best office furniture brands, including Sunon, Baili, Guanmei, Changjiang, Zhaosheng, Zhongtailong, Tiantan, Huasheng, Zhongrui, Jianwei, Liming, Nuofan, Mazumingli, UE, Bosen, Boyi, will present their most featured collections. Meanwhile, hotel furniture brands like Meixuan, Kaimei, and steel-made furniture brands like Huabao, Erqing, Yuanda, Kefeiya will also make their debuts.

    In Homedécor section, there will be famous upholstery brands such as Weiweibeila, Foluolunke, Masideng, Fandi, Xianyun, Moke, Huasiyu, Fuli, Jiading, Yidingyi, gathering to unveil the new trends of home decoration.

    Outdoor Leisure will interpret the philosophy of leisure lifestyle and explore the market potential, with the presence of a majority of well-known brands such as Higold, Aomeifa, Yadi, Yatai, Dijia, Weipusi, Tenghuagushi, Yiting, Yaobao, Tuoyuan, Dihuaou, Mingdu, Kushe, Jingwei.

    In CIFM/interzum guangzhou, domestic manufacturers including Nanxing, Jidong, Jianchengweiye, Weitedongli, Dongtai, Oupaike, Lianhezhixin, Xinghui, will bring in a more efficient solution for the industry development.


    Overseas visitors are of diversified professions and nations

    CIFF Guangzhou is not only appealing to hundreds of outstanding exhibitors from home and abroad, but also to plenty of domestic and international visitors. Its strong competence of export has been widely acknowledged.

    In the background of a slowing growth of the global economy and a more complicated situation in the international trades, CIFF Guangzhou remains a stable improvement in both the quantity and quality of the professional visitors.

    Accordingly, the 43rd edition of CIFF Guangzhou attracted 297,759 professional visitors coming from over 200 countries and regions. There are international importers and exporters, distributors, retailers, brand chain stores, designers, architects and estate agents, which reveals the diversity of the visitors.

    Most of CIFF's old friends are the leading purchasing groups from all around the world, including Home Depot (the largest furniture and building material retailer), Amini (an enterprise of American Furniture Hall of Fame), Harvey Norman (a well-known Australian online seller), Europa Moebel Verbund (a European furniture giant whose annual turnover reached 3.8 billion euros), Epicentr K (the first chain brand of home decoration in Ukraine whose annual sales reached 2 billion), Home Centre LLC (the chain store belonging to Landmark, the largest business group in the Middle East ) and Index Living (the best furniture retailer in Thailand), etc.

    With the drive of the Belt and Road Initiative, more and more emerging countries alongside the Road have become an important market with great potential, which will bring new opportunities to the furniture industry.

    The data unveils an increasing number of the visitors from the area along the Road. The 43rd edition of CIFF Guangzhou had seen an impressive growth from the Southeast Asian Countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippine.

    The number of visitors from Africa and South America soared dramatically, even with an increase of 100% from the Africa. Since the furniture industry is not well-developed in these regions, the great potential of the market is to be explored in the future.

    There is also an increasing amount of visitors coming from the Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, where most of the people possess great fortune and have tremendous demand on the furniture which is of diverse styles, new designs and good value.

    In addition, the number of the buyers from India, Korea and Australia continues to rise, and so does that from the European countries like England, Russia, Italy and Germany. However, visitor numbers from the North America decreases because of the adverse trade environment.

    Under the situation of the sluggish growth and increasing downward pressure of the global economic, CIFF (Guangzhou), which is famous for its strong commercial functions, has become an important window for the outside world to observe the international trade and economic environment for the furniture industry.


    Worldwide promotions drive the fair influential and prominent

    With its devotion to the industry for over twenty years, the operation, promotion and development of CIFF Guangzhou become more and more globalized which not only attracts more overseas visitors and exhibitors but also extends the influence and popularity of the fair.

    CIFF Guangzhou has cooperated with more than 1,100 professional global media, including Furniture Today, Mobelmarkt , Mebelny Biznes, FFE, World Furniture, etc. With the extensively all-year around public reports throughout the world, CIFF Guangzhou has cultivated a significant and thorough influence to the global furniture industry.

    Except for the media report, the footprint of the CIFF Guangzhou brand has also spread throughout the world. Advertisements with CIFF logo are presented in most of the furniture cities such as Milan of Italy, Paris of France and Istanbul of Turkey.

    In order to adapt to the trade situation and exploit the emerging market, CIFF team has followed the B&R to explore multiple channels by the means of communicating with most of the national trade associations from the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

    The worldwide pace of CIFF has never stopped. In the future, CIFF will keep the track to the market trends and strengthen the exploitation and development of the emerging markets, in an attempt to create a higher and better value to over 300 thousand professional visitors and over 4,300 exhibitors.

    In March 2020, you are welcome to come and visit CIFF Guangzhou to have a good time during this grand occasion and carnival in the global furniture industry!

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